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Why TLC academy?

TLC academy’s unique three-phase scope of work: Startup, Setup, Checkup, has proved to be invaluable for our business partners, who benefit from our hands-on approach to the creation, setup, and running of their educational facilities.




We provide startup franchise schools with technical expertise, education business know-how, marketing information, legal compliance help, and access to low cost infrastructure, including location and a school building that meets international quality standards.

TLC academy tunis Tunisia
TLC academy tunis Tunisia
TLC academy tunis Tunisia
TLC academy tunis Tunisia
TLC academy tunis Tunisia
TLC academy tunis Tunisia



Our hands-on approach allows us to work closely with our partners to setup a world-class school based on a forward-thinking vision, resulting in a first class educational experience.


We setup strategies, make recommendations, and develop standard operating procedures throughout the setup process, which meet or exceed our high quality standards and best practices.


These include the following:


  • Provide expert design recommendation and implementation of the building’s interior, along with technical specifications for the school’s workflow.

  • Help with the recruitment efforts of school management, teachers and support staff.

  • Identify and help implement the school’s curriculum and its education plan.

  • Specify, acquire, install, and provide training and support of various state of the art technologies, which serve as tools to enhance the students’ education.

  • Assist in all marketing efforts, including advertising, web and social media, along with community outreach.





As the school year moves forward, we continually evaluate teachers and staff’s progress and provide any necessary training programs to enhance their professional development.


Throughout the year, we stay in constant communication with management and staff, along with periodic visits to the school, where we have the opportunity to benchmark the operational success in implementing its education plan, while following its standard operating procedures, and using the tools provided to succeed.

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